Greif Consumer Packaging Group is a division of Greif, Inc.Paper Packaging & Services division. We create packaging fitting both brand and supply chain needs. By using the latest folding carton manufacturing technologies and special capabilities, we achieve the best results. Our expertise, flexibility and speed allows us to meet the demands of larger consumer product giants and smaller start-up companies alike.

Consumer Packaging

Our national award-winning team develops structurally engineered cartons and set-up boxes, prototypes, creative design, pre-press and sustainable solutions.

LA Paper Box

West Coast facility specializes in folding cartons, nested trays, clamshells, set-up boxes, apparel boxes, sleeves and much more.

  • Greif CPG Private LabelGreif CPG’s onboarding process proves successful, helps private label keep up with growth
    It’s so easy for up and coming private labels to get lost in the sea of larger folding carton suppliers. Exponential growth is common among smart third-party manufacturers. Keeping up with that growth, however, can be a major issue. It’s easy to crumble under the pressure to produce and deliver when your business is exponentially growing. Even when private labels offer premium products, we find they often lack the necessary insight to align their production with top retail store forecasting. […]
  • Private Label Packaging RoundupPLMA’s 2018 Private Label Packaging Trade Show roundup
    Some of our GREIF (formerly Caraustar) team recently attended PLMA’s 2018 Private Label Packaging Trade Show. The Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) represents the opportunity for manufacturers to meet with brands and companies that have an itch for innovative and attractive packaging. It’s the “land of plenty” for those searching for unique solutions for their private label products. Luckily, manufacturers like GREIF have a track record for offering the perfect scratch for that […]
  • Explore 5 trends in paperboad packaging that will help your product stand out.What’s hot in paperboard packaging?
    What’s hot in the paperboard packaging market? A lot. It’s our job to know the wants and needs of our target markets. Consumer shopping trends are changing, forcing businesses to adapt quickly and efficiently. Paperboard packaging provides retailers, supply chain managers, and consumers endless, unique designs. It’s no wonder the market is growing. Here’s our insight into what trends are hot in paperboard packaging: 1. Sustainability Is your product’s packaging headed straight for the landfill? […]
  • How GREIF helps clients avoid the 3 gotchas in the private label packaging maze
    The packaging web can be tough to navigate. It’s a labyrinth of procurement, operations, and forecasting. And there’s always some “gotcha” right around the corner ready to throw you completely off your game. Getting through successfully means making sure every process from design and manufacturing to sales and marketing line up perfectly. That can be challenging when you’re facing crunched timelines, multiple packaging requirements, a wave of new trends, and the need to balance inventory with […]
  • Natural Products Expo East 2018 Roundup
    Consumer demands are growing for natural products, and the team at GREIF (formerly Caraustar) is taking notice. We recently exhibited at the 33rd annual Natural Product Expo East in Baltimore, Maryland. The conference provides an opportunity for vendors, buyers, investors, and entrepreneurs to share and learn about the demand for natural products and how it is spurring positive change for the environment and consumers. The Expo highlighted a variety of natural product markets such as food and […]