• 3 keys to keeping it fresh in the food packaging industry
    Freshness in food packaging goes far beyond keeping cupcakes moist and cookies crispy. You also need fresh ideas that fuse elegant design, human-focused construction, and an earth-friendly afterlife. An excellent starting point for fresh thinking is the 1.3 billion tons of food that goes to waste worldwide every year—one-third of all food production. We can do better. A fresh approach to packaging can help brands: Align carton production with real-time demand, reducing waste and obsolescence. […]
  • Caraustar Product Packaging3 ways to avoid obsolescence with your product packaging
    You’ll never reduce packaging obsolescence to zero—there are too many variables to align sales perfectly with projections. But you can shrink the quantity of leftover packaging collecting dust in your warehouse. Let’s explore these strategies in a bit more detail: 1. Get better at inventory management. When you’re selling products, there’s a direct correlation between your ability to manage inventory and succeed as a company. If you’re always dealing with excess inventory, it means you’re not […]
  • Caraustar: How voice-search assistants are impacting your brand’s future successHow voice-search assistants are impacting your brand’s future success
    Voice-activated product searches have a lot of surprises in store for consumer-product brands, and they aren’t all happy surprises. As the Wall Street Journal reported, Amazon’s Alexa app uses an automated algorithm to answer consumers’ voice-search questions. When users ask Alexa to order them a new product but don’t mention the brand (“Alexa, order more toothpaste.”), the algorithm will search to see if the user has ordered toothpaste from Amazon before. If they have, Alexa will reorder the […]
  • Caraustar: can your packaging survive the eCommerceCan your packaging survive the new eCommerce distribution chain?
    eCommerce is shaking up the safe, predictable world of product packaging. For decades, almost all packaged goods made it from factory to warehouse to store shelf unscathed. Packages may have been crushed every now and then, and harried store clerks damaged products here and there, but the risks were well-known. Losses could be projected within reasonable bounds. Picture the humble cereal box, shipped from the factory in a large paperboard carton holding a bunch of similar boxes. Shipping or […]

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